Friday, 10 July 2015

LIVE AID month @ 3CSC FM - Live Aid 30 years Ago

30 Years Ago, Bob Geldof and Midge Ure, helped change the world in which we live. Together they put on a dual live music event that would raise funds for the relief of the ongoing Ethiopian famine. The show was entitled Live Aid and took place on Saturday 13th July 1985 at both Wembley Stadium, in the UK and at John F. Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia in the USA. That hot summer day, united as one, the human race reached out in a bid to save the lives of so many people who were destined to die at the hands of a terrible famine. 

 I stayed  up  most  of that night and taped  all the bands that I really  loved. I wished I  had  taped it all but  I only had 2 x180 minute vhs tapes. Queen were the highlight but I hung in there  in the early morning for Bob Dylan to appear. Led Zeppelin reformed, Neil Young sang  something weird, The Who were great and so were U2 and Elvis Costello .It was the  closest to a Woodstock experience I was ever  going to  have. I will play  segments from the event  all month.  Enjoy.