Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happ New Year from 3CSC FM

Some words of  hope  for a great 2015. We can't wait to  mix it up  for  you again.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

"Bump", "Penguin", "Boogaloo", "Watergate" and the "Robot" DISCO!!

“Disco never got credit for being the first and only music ever to transcend all nationalities, race, creed, color, and age groups,”

 “It was common ground for everyone.”

Enjoy The  music and  learn  some of the  dance steps.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Jeans for Genes Day

All songs about jeans today!

The work of the scientists at Children's Medical Research Institute (CMRI) has a single aim - to improve and extend the lives of children everywhere.
One in twenty children is born with a congenital abnormality or genetic disease. That's over 12,000 children born in Australia each year. CMRI is dedicated to changing this.
CMRI has been a pioneer in the field of paediatric medical research since its inception in 1958.
Its many achievements include increasing survival rates of premature babies, establishing Australia’s first research unit for newborns, developing life saving microsurgery techniques, and introducing vaccines that protect against a number of potentially fatal or disabling childhood diseases.
When you support Jeans for Genes you are helping unravel cures for future generations of children.

Great cause...3csc is playing  denim  today

Monday, 1 September 2014

Money Money Money!

“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

This week we explore the world  of  money. I found  30 songs that cover just about every aspect  of  the  topic. Let me know if you like any of them.

Thursday, 21 August 2014


Abbey Road  could  possibly be the greatest record  ever.  it also marked the last time the FAB four would record together. A sad but brilliant end to the most influential group ever.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Blues...

This week we celebrate the blues. Meet me at the crossroads for a discussion about  anything that's getting you down. I'm sure the  music will cheer  you  up.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Look what's happening on  our airwaves....What decade?

Friday, 25 July 2014

It  has been really cold in the  last few weeks. It's time for a warmer vibe  so 3CSCFM  is  going to take you to the greatest  music city in the world. New Orleans! This is the birthplace of  jazz with  heavy doses of  blues,cajun, soul and funk. When I landed in  New Orleans for the  first time in 1989 I was amazed  by the sounds, the food and the heat of  this  glorious  city. My  good  friend  describes it  betterr than  me  below.
Everything in New Orleans is a good idea. Bijou temple-type cottages and lyric cathedrals side by side. Houses and mansions, structures of wild grace. Italianate, Gothic, Romanesque, Greek Revival standing in a long line in the rain. Roman Catholic art. Sweeping front porches, turrets, cast-iron balconies, colonnades- 30-foot columns, gloriously beautiful- double pitched roofs, all the architecture of the whole wide world and it doesn’t move. - Bob Dylan, Chronicles, Vol. 1, 2004

Watch  this  great film about Hurricane Katrina which nearly washed  New Orleans away.

Have  you  been  to  New Orleans?  What do  you think of  the  music of  New Orleans?

Sunday, 15 June 2014

The 80's

I bought lots of  music in the eighties. There were some memorable concerts also. AC/DC at the Myer Music Bowl, Springsteen twice at the showgrounds, Cold Chisel at the  Pier hotel, Midnight Oil at Festival hall, Bob Dylan at  Kooyong the list  goes on and on. The eighties piled on the synths. The drum sound was kinda tinny until  Jack and Diane. Risky  Business made it cool  to dance by the fireplace.
In the next 2 weeks we are  going to  revisit  the eighties. I have  found  over 100  gems from the decade. Ask your teacher  who  they  liked the  most in the eighties. Prince,U2,Madonna, Cyndi, Billy Joel or Idol,Springsteen.Who?

Monday, 9 June 2014

3CSCFM Tribute to Bennetts Lane Jazz Club

Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, dubbed by Lonely Planet as "the world's best jazz club", is open every night presenting world-class international and national jazz musicians. The club dedicates itself to promoting and developing live jazz as an art form in its two performance rooms.

We are  playing  Jazz all week to  celebrate  22  years of  Jazz at Bennetts. This is a  must see venue.
The original room is housed in a building built for King O’Malley, a man significant to early Australian politics and the establishment of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Michael purchased the building when it was passed in at auction, saving it from becoming a “massage parlour”. His intention was to provide local musicians with a central purpose-built room in which to develop their craft and find their audiences, a desire fuelled by the state of live venues and the treatment of musicians at the time. His dream venue surpassed expectations when he was forced to open more nights due to countless musicians wanting to perform and the number of patrons interested in hearing them.
The original room has great natural acoustics and has been host to a number of world famous performers including Prince, Maceo Parker, Kenny Kirkland, Wynton and Branford Marsalis, Harry Connick Jnr., Paul Grabowsky, Joe Chindamo and Leroy Jones to name just a few.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Angels- Tribute to Doc Neeson @3CSCFM


Neeson, born in Belfast in 1947, brought a flair for the dramatic to the Angels, the band which came to define a style of Australian music which was fuelled by energy more than anger, and performance which was never shy.
When other pub rock bands were blokey and beer-stained, the Angels had a frontman who dressed like a cross between a 19th century funeral director and a riverboat gambler. They played faster than most, almost punk at times, and attracted a crowd of men who slammed into each other gleefully.
But the Angles also had fans who noticed Neeson's lyrics quoted books, artists and psychology texts rather than exhortations to drink more alcohol. All sung by a tall and imposing man who was equal parts theatrically scary and excitingly real.
His songwriting contribution to Am I Ever Going To See Your Face Again, Coming Down and Take A Long Line, among many, have become part of Australian music history.
Brothers Rick and John Brewster, who co-founded the Moonshine Jug and String Band, which later became the Angels, paid tribute to Neeson on the band's Facebook page.
Rick Brewster said Neeson "stood out as one of a kind, a totally unique performer".
"His feverish stage presence was unsurpassed yet beneath the public persona was a gentle soul. He leaves behind a wealth of shared memories - good times, hard times and the thrill of creating timeless music together. RIP Doc," he said.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

3CSC Pays tribute to the King

Elvis Presley was an explorer of vast new landscapes of dream and illusion.
He was a man who refused to be told that the best of his dreams would not come true, who refused to be defined by anyone else's conceptions. This is the goal of democracy, the journey on which every prospective hero sets out. That Elvis made so much of the journey on his own is reason enough to remember him with the honor and love we reserve for the bravest among us. Such men made the only maps we can trust.
Listen to Elvis on your  way to class this week but be careful not to step on any blue suede shoes. Let me know what your all time favourite Elvis song is. Ask your teachers if they have watched any Elvis movies.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Happy Birthday Bob Dylan - CSCFM Pays tribute to Bob all week

The first time that I heard Bob Dylan I was in the car with my mother, and we were listening to, I think, maybe WMCA, and on came that snare shot that sounded like somebody kicked open the door to your mind, from 'Like a Rolling Stone.' And my mother, who was - she was no stiff with rock and roll, she liked the music, she listened - she sat there for a minute, she looked at me, and she said, 'That guy can't sing.' But I knew she was wrong. I sat there, I didn't say nothin', but I knew that I was listening to the toughest voice that I had ever heard. It was lean, and it sounded somehow simultaneously young and adult, and I ran out and I bought the single. And I came home, I ran home, and I put it on my 45, and they must have made a mistake at the factory, because a Lenny Welch song came on. And the label was wrong, so I ran back, and I got it, and I played it, then I went out and I got Highway 61, and it was all I played for weeks. I looked at the cover, with Bob, with that satin blue jacket and the Triumph Motorcycle shirt. And when I was a kid, Bob's voice somehow - it thrilled and scared me. It made me feel kind of irresponsibly innocent. And it still does. But it reached down and touched what little worldliness I think a 15-year-old kid, in high school, in New Jersey had in him at the time. Dylan was - he was a revolutionary, man, the way that Elvis freed your body, Bob freed your mind. And he showed us that just because the music was innately physical, it did not mean that it was anti-intellect. 

He had the vision and the talent to expand a pop song until it contained the whole world. He invented a new way a pop singer could sound. He broke through the limitations of what a recording artist could achieve, and he changed the face of rock and roll forever and ever. Without Bob, the Beatles wouldn't have made Sergeant Pepper, maybe the Beach Boys wouldn't have made Pet Sounds, the Sex Pistols wouldn't have made 'God Save the Queen,' U2 wouldn't have done 'Pride in the Name of Love,' Marvin Gaye wouldn't have done 'What's Goin'On,' Grandmaster Flash might not have done 'The Message,' and the Count Five could not have done 'Psychotic Reaction.' And there never would have been a group named the Electric Prunes, that's for sure. But the fact is that, to this day, where great rock music is being made, there is the shadow of Bob Dylan over and over and over again. 

 And to steal a line from one of your songs, whether you like it or not, 'you was the brother that I never had.' Congratulations."

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Jason Isbell - Songs That She Sang in the Shower

Winter Mix

Hi CSC listeners...we are  going to warm things up this cold Cranbourne winter with  some  summer tunes.
Look  out  for  some  new and  old sounds  designed to warm up  your day! Enjoy!

jason isbell  meeniyan town hall  2014