Sunday, 15 June 2014

The 80's

I bought lots of  music in the eighties. There were some memorable concerts also. AC/DC at the Myer Music Bowl, Springsteen twice at the showgrounds, Cold Chisel at the  Pier hotel, Midnight Oil at Festival hall, Bob Dylan at  Kooyong the list  goes on and on. The eighties piled on the synths. The drum sound was kinda tinny until  Jack and Diane. Risky  Business made it cool  to dance by the fireplace.
In the next 2 weeks we are  going to  revisit  the eighties. I have  found  over 100  gems from the decade. Ask your teacher  who  they  liked the  most in the eighties. Prince,U2,Madonna, Cyndi, Billy Joel or Idol,Springsteen.Who?