Thursday, 21 August 2014


Abbey Road  could  possibly be the greatest record  ever.  it also marked the last time the FAB four would record together. A sad but brilliant end to the most influential group ever.

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  1. Overall, it’s a consummate Beatles album — fine musicianship, superlative vocals, expert harmonizing, a monumental leap from the “Please Please Me” album, recorded a mere six years before. And that’s the most tantalizing aspect of “Abbey Road” — who knows how far the group might have progressed in another six years? But it also reveals why the band broke apart, with Lennon’s work becoming increasingly personal in contrast to McCartney’s more objective third-person stance (and his unerring facility with melody), and Harrison finally able to break free from standing in the shadow of the Lennon-McCartney partnership. Their talents were exceeding the limitations of the group format; in hindsight, it was the group’s very success that broke up The Beatles