Monday, 28 October 2013

Goodbye Lou

Grammy winner Lou Reed was an exceptionally gifted singer, songwriter, and musician who has had a profound impact on rock music and our culture. Both his work with the Velvet Underground and his solo efforts are legendary, introducing avant-garde rock to the mainstream. His uniquely stripped down style of guitar playing and poetic lyrics have had a massive influence across many rock genres, including punk and alternative. We have lost a true visionary and creative leader, and his groundbreaking work will forever hold its rightful place in music history.

Like Jenny said when she was just bout' five years old
Hey you know there's nothin' happenin' at all
Not at all
Every time I put on the radio,
You know there's nothin' goin' down at all,
Not at all
But one fine mornin' she hears a New York station
She doesn't believe what she heard at all
Hey, not at all
She started dancin' to that fine fine music
You know her life was saved by rock 'n' roll
Yeah rock 'n' roll
Ooh, Despite all the computations
You know you could just dance to the rock 'n' roll station

Goodbye Lou you saved  my  life  with  rock 'n' roll  too!

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