Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The extraordinary New Orleans producer-songwriter is no longer with us. But his music will live for as long as people sing.
His words – combining sophisticated social comment and a knowing, earthy wit in the New Orleans tradition – seemed always apt, whether coming from the pugnacious mechanic/boxer Lee Dorsey, whose best work he helmed, or Elvis Costello. He was a modern classic, Cole Porter combined with Leiber & Stoller, with lashings of tumbling funk and soul dripping from his piano keys or oozing out of his fantastic arrangements.

I have  played  lots  of  music from  New Orleans  over the  years. This week we remember  Allen Toussaint.  Every time i see  our  college band  perform i am  reminded  of the  joy that music can bring to people. Allen  epitomized  the word  joy in his music. RIP.

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