Thursday, 18 October 2018

Party like it's 1999 - Playlist

This week we  play songs from  1999

To travel back in time to 1999, you have to start by shedding a few things, as though you’re going through airport security. No iPod. No smartphone. No YouTube. No Facebook. No Twitter. In 1999, the Internet was shiny-new and just out of the box, and we still believed that its greatest utility was to deliver dog food to our door and packs of gum and cigarettes to us by hand. We were just starting to figure out that the new search site Google, which had launched in 1998, might prove useful for something. We couldn’t yet peek 24/7 through our neighbor’s digital windows. We knew the word friend but not the word unfriend.
We were excited about the new century, but also anxious.

Culturally, though, the decade that started in a bang of guitar fuzz and feedback was ending in a whimper of boy-band harmonies. Nirvana gave way to Candlebox gave way to Britney Spears; Public Enemy was usurped by Puff Daddy. 1999 was both the year that Ricky Martin sang “Livin’ La Vida Loca” and the year that Napster launched, so it was the last time it felt like everyone was listening to the exact same song at the exact same time.

In fact, 1999 can be pinpointed as Precisely the Last Year of How Things Used to Be. We listened to music on stereos. We watched TV on TVs. We read books in books and newspapers on newspaper. We didn’t yet suspect that our desktops and laptops, lurking innocently in our workspaces and spoon-feeding us e-mail, were exerting a black-hole tug on our lives.

enjoy the  music...

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